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Design Lab for Children

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“Design is a continuous process of discoveries, which deals with colours, patterns, forms, structures, and its relationship perceived in everyday life. It is a profound multi-sensory experience that needs to cultivate from very young age.    Masayo Ave"


Bringing the best of her decades-long expertise in design and design education, Masayo Ave started to develop new design education program for children about a decade ago. By planning particular discovery process in the program, she wishes to grant children intuitive-, experiential and holistic understanding of the everyday environment.


Taking a blend of sensory, imaginary and scientific approaches to basic design principles, Masayo Ave firmly believe that the uniquely creative design action cultivates children's sense of wonder and fosters their delights in the mysteries of own universes.


Inheriting the spirit passing from the master pedagogues, such as J.H.Pestarozzi, Maria Montessori, Norman Moritz Mauers, Bruno Munari..., her challenge is to encompass the fundamental sensory experiences in creative action of design, fusing all the studies of the arts, humanities, and sciences in it.

The sensory experience design education is inclusive. As Rachel Carlson wrote in her last book, The Sense of Wonder; "....the emotion and the impressions of the senses are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom."


Since 2018, the Design Lab for children opens the workshop studio also to children. In the crafted environment of MasayoAve's design studio, the children experience the joy of the comprehensive learning  by documenting their scientific observation in their drawing or models, practicing the never-ending storytelling in their visual composition, or experiencing the magic of geometry in Origami and Kirigami techniques. By sharing their joyful emotion and sensory impressions, no child fails to participate in all aspects of the playful, yet life-long creative action.

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