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© MasayoAve creation
© MasayoAve creation

SXD.Lab  *SED.Lab was renamed SXD.Lab 

Sensory Experience Design Laboratory

From Haptic to all-five-and-more human senses: expanding long research activities practiced in the Haptic Interface Design Institute, SXD.Lab - Sensory Experience Design Laboratory has founded in 2017 by Masayo Ave as a cross-disciplinary design R&D platform in which interconnects design R&D projects and human senses and sensory experiences. SXD.Lab is open to designers, researchers and industries, and the projects are practiced in the dynamic global network of the experts from a variety of fields. Considering design as a process of artistic, scientific and technological discovery and profound multisensory experience, the experimental projects conducted in SXD.Lab highlight the new perspectives of design, seeking to shape our living environment with full of sensory comforts reconceiving traditional interrelationship of man and nature in the age of digital technologies. Beside its unique R&D project practice, Masayo Ave offers SXD.Lab Masterclass for university students, highschool students, educators as well as professionals aiming to impart the basic knowledge, skill and joy of sensory experience design. 

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