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sensory experience design workshop

MAKE-DO Põhjala factory HAPTIC 

in SISU 2019

directed by Masayo Ave

sensory experience design  in SISU 2019

sensory experience design in SISU 2019

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Magazine SISU—LINE #5 Actual

2019 interior architecture symposium SISU_“Tegelik /Actual

Publishers: Estonian Academy of Arts,

Faculty of Architecture and Estonian Association of Interior Architects

To Cope with Invisible Matters

Sensory Experience Design Workshop at Põhjala Factory

by MasayoAve

Essey in

date and time:

7+14 June 2019.  9:00-17:00



Põhjala Tehas, Tallinn, Estonia



about SISU

SISU (International Symposium of Interior Architecture and Spatial Use) takes place in Tallinn, Estonia. Highlight of the Estonian interior architecture calendar since 2014, SISU Symposium is organised by the Eesti Sisearhitektide Liit / Estonian Association of Interior Architects, with the concept and programme for each SISU Symposium developed by a curatorial team. This year, the curatorial team consists of members of the interior architecture department of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) led by Professor Hannes Praks.

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