May 11, 2019

欧州文化センター(European Cultural Foundation)が主催する国際デザイン展 Venice Design 2019 において、阿部雅世が指揮する子どものための環境デザイン教育活動の展示が、2019年5月9日より始まりました。

本年展示される環境教育活動のテーマは、デザイン体操 Design Gymnastics A.B.C.。デザイン体操は、自然に潜在する不思議を知覚し、お宝発見の喜びを分かちあいながら、環境に目を開くためのデザイン演習シリーズのひとつ。好奇心「センス・オブ・ワンダー」を全開にして、芸術家として...

December 21, 2018


体験をデザインする会社Surface&Architecture代表で『生き物としての力を取り戻す50の自然体験』編集長の岡村祐介、石花師の石花ちとく、阿部雅世の三名が、野生の感覚や思考を取り戻すためのヒントやきっかけや体験について語りあうトークセッションが、東京下北沢の本屋 B&Bにて、2018年12月20日に開かれました。




September 30, 2018

Masayo Ave conducted a sensory experience design workshop and the Design Gymnastic A.B.C. exercise for the multidisciplinary researcher's team composed of young mathematicians, architects, designers, civil engineers, and artists gathered from the world in the framework...

September 20, 2018


02-07 September 2018 | at BAUHAUS Dessau, Germany

The international summer masterclass SENSORY EXPERIENCE DESIGN 2018 is a cross-disciplinary design masterclass, which aims to interconnect the basic of spatial design to human senses and s...

August 11, 2018

ブルーノ・ムナーリのデザイン教本 『空想旅行』『点と線のひみつ』


Masayo Ave x Hideyuki Kudo ( Transview )

+ Skype special guests: Marzia and Maurizio Corraini

on 10 Aug.2018 19.00-21.00  at B&B, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

空想旅行 Viaggio nella Fantasia

点と線のひみつ Prima del disegno 

ブルーノ・ムナーリ著 阿部雅世 訳  トラン...

May 26, 2018

SPIRIT GARDEN@VeniceDesign 2018

25 May- 26 Nov. 2018

at Palazzo Michiel, Venice, Italy

​​The installation of SPIRIT GARDEN, the result of a design educational workshop for children directed by Masayo Ave was exhibited at VENICE DESIGN 2018, the largest International Desig...

May 18, 2018

The first Design Lab. workshop for children was held at MasayoAve creation | workshop atelier on Sat.12 May 2018. The children at the age of 3 to 7 years old with international background participated in the workshop and completed the new SPIRIT GARDEN installation tog...

April 30, 2018

The Sensory Experience Design workshop titled "100 perceptions of Tallinn Old Town" was conducted by Prof. Masayo Ave in Tallinn, Estonia on 26-29 March 2018, as a joint workshop for Interior architecture students of Estonian Academy of Arts and Product design students...

December 24, 2017

The sensory experience design workshop MAKE-DO your story HAPTIC held at ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering  Barcelona on 18-23 December 2017 under the framework of ELISAVA creative marathon. The workshop directed by Prof.Masayo Ave aimed to impart a ne...

November 19, 2017

SED.Lab workshop for youth was held at SED.Lab workhop atelier in Berlin on 3rd November 2017. The eight students came from the Bedok South Secondary School Singapore challenged "MAKE-DO your story HAPTIC" project conducted by Prof. Masayo Ave, experienced a variety of...

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