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SXD.Lab Summer Masterclass 2018@BAUHAUS, Dessau


02-07 September 2018 | at BAUHAUS Dessau, Germany

The international summer masterclass SENSORY EXPERIENCE DESIGN 2018 is a cross-disciplinary design masterclass, which aims to interconnect the basic of spatial design to human senses and sensory experiences. Considering design as a process of discovery in the profound multisensory experience, it highlights the new perspectives of design to shape our living environment with full of sensory comforts. In the five days program led by Masayo Ave on 02-07 September 2018 at the BAUHAUS Dessau in cooperation with Dessau design school of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.was composed of a variety of field- and hands-on exercises in the heritage building. The participants from the four universities and the design professionals formed the international- and interdisciplinary teams to discover, explore the heritage space and developed new spatial concepts to enrich the sensory experiences.

SXD.Lab International Masterclass 2018 was practiced as a joint masterclass pilot in cooperation with

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